The Bioinformatics, Integrative and System Biology Group hosts the Thunder Cluster, a multi-user computer cluster (Fapesp process 2011/00417-3) available to any researcher in Brazil. The Thunder Cluster is comprised of one 16-core node with 64Gb memory, five 16-core nodes with 32Gb memory, and two 4-core nodes with 8Gb memory. Rocks Cluster Operating System, based on CentOS, powers the Cluster. A multitude of bioinformatics is available, check the list here.

How to open an account

To open an account on the cluster, just send an e-mail to Horácio Montenegro ( cluster {dot} thunder {at} gmali {dot} com ). In the e-mail, please include an abstract and (if available) supporting grant number of your project. Also include which kind of analyses and software you intend to use, and if you have experience with Linux command line.

Software Available

A large number of Bioinformatics software is available at the Cluster. The selection includes software for evaluation and pre-processing next-generation sequencing, genome and transcriptome assembly, phylogeny reconstruction, sequence similarity searching and clustering, orthology searching, and more. In addition, if a particular program is needed, it can be easily installed - limitations / restrictions are its license must allow installation in a multi-user environment, and its interface must be the command line. For more restrictive licenses, we can help users set up the software needed on their home folders.

Check the list of software available here.



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